July 2009

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“This novel is so intense, the plot gritty and full of extreme emotion, and the characters so well developed… I recommend Dangerous Obsessions to lovers of m/m fiction, but if you’ve never read gay fiction before, I suggest that you read a few before attempting this one. Otherwise, the sex scenes might cause you to self-combust.”

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Dangerous Obsessions by Blake Deveraux

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TITLE: Dangerous Obsessions
AUTHOR: Blake Deveraux
ISBN: 978-1-60435-974-9
PUBLISHER: Rose Red Publishing


Review by Teresa

Mr. Deveraux has created a hard hitting story about two men who have had many obstacles to overcome in their lives, but find that together they might just find what they were looking for. Brandon may appear perfect on the surface, but his life has been far from easy, leaving scars that are difficult to heal. Daniel is a man of honor who saw horrors in the war that left him damaged in many ways. Each man has strengths and weaknesses that make it hard to move on with their lives or form lasting relationships. The struggles that they fight to overcome bring a real-to-life feeling to the story. Together they may overcome their handicaps if they learn to trust in their love for each other. Thanks go to Mr. Deveraux for an interesting read.

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Dangerous Obsessions

Men of Danger: Book 1

Street Date: January 15, 2009

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Review Date: Sep 27, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60435-280-1
Print Book Price:  
E-Book Price: $4.99
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Score: 5)

Former Marine Daniel Deveraux is a man of action. He left the marines because of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, as he didn’t like the restrictions it placed on him. When Daniel visits a gay club he sees Brandon Matthews a waiter. Brandon is and candy for the club and Daniel thinks that Brandon is one of the hottest and handsomest men he’s ever scene. But when Brandon blows him off with rudeness he’s angry but follows Brandon into the alley behind the club anyway. He finds Brandon has been beaten and raped. He takes Brandon home with him trying to nurse him body and mind back to health.

Brandon Matthews has worked all his life trying to keep under the radar and pay his debits off so he might be free. Working as a carpenter by day and a waiter eye candy by night. Brandon doesn’t think he’s worthy of love. He is ashamed of the way he was raised and lived since leaving home.

Daniel and Brandon try to make a life but when their life together is threatened. Daniel and Brandon have to make a choice as to fight for it or let their love crumble.

Can they make it work or will they loose what they have?

Dangerous Obsession has a great storyline and all the elements of sexy erotic romance. The love scenes are hot and the characters enticing. This story does have BDSM and will appeal to readers who are looking for that theme.

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